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 February 06, 1911 - June 05, 2004

One Of The Greatest Ever!

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The weak-minded say we should have never gone into Iraq. They have some utopian idea that if they ignore a problem it will go away. WRONG. Problems do NOT go away if you ignore them, they only grow like a cancer until they own you. Iraq and other terrorists are problems that have to be dealt with, and dealt with harshly. I have a cousin currently in Iraq doing his patriotic duty. I hope he returns safely. The liberals in this country, led by jfkerry and tkennedy, are making his duty over there more dangerous with their irresponsible statements on Iraq. Every time these boneheads open their mouths, they are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Their words give the insurgents the fuel they need to cause more deaths to our troops. This election is important. If this bonehead is able to somehow con enough people to win this election, this country could possible be destroyed completly by terrorists on our soil and the communist policys they would put into effect. With this in mind, make sure to exercise your current American freedom and vote. Vote for George Bush and save America.

Hello all. Just wanted to update the look of the website. Hope you like it. Will try to update links and news a bit quicker.

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